On The Cliff

I do not know why…but somehow this tragedy is special….the words got to me and it just flowed on and on…hope you love it as much as I do….

Standing at the edge of the cliff
I gaze down at the rocks beneath
Should I take a step ahead
And lie in peace and sleep in this bed…

On the cliff

Thinking of calling the final shots
I put forth one feet..until I hear footsteps
I turn back to find a dejected soul
Marching along to join me at the cliff

marching along

He never looks up to meet my gaze…
He marches ahead unaware of his steps
Weariness exudes from his eyes
And the face looks a tale of woe…
There is something that catches his attention
He stops in his stride and looks right at me
Slowly and steadily his lips curve in a smile
His face looks more pretty than I have ever seen

The pain that each one of us has gone through
unites us in a way no love could tie
He bares his heart and narrates his sorry tale
He was betrayed by the person he loved the most…

I can’t stop my tears as they roll down the cheek
Life is strange as I let my past rush through me…
I gave him all the love I had in me..
Only to be tossed aside and told that I never mattered to him..
a tear smears my perfect eyes
Standing at the edge of the cliff, I came to die…
Because I had nothing to hold to in this life
“I thought of doing the same”, told the prince
“however, here while walking…I found my life…!”
Astonished and confounded, I was in disbelief…
Are you real or is it once again love playing with me…
“Love is surreal, it hits you hard
yet, one look at your face was all it took
broken and bruised, I still felt the tingles
because you stirred my heart and brought the smile
When I thought, that part of me had died”

I cry once again as the tears don’t stop…
Can love be so quick..? Can love be so fast?
I have heard people fall in love at first sight
but with messy hairs and watery eyes
could I be the reason for that smile..?


Foolish heart is always ready for love
I turn to the man whom I barely know
and I slowly whisper I think there is hope
We can see if we can make it work
may be our love can make each of us whole…

He smiles again..and looks at me
“I do not care what the future holds…
No matter what is your name, I will call you life,
Uou are the reason my heart is alive
I never knew I could fall so quick in love
But you own my heart, you own my soul
Yes, you will always make me whole”

i ma in love

I am overwhelmed with love, may be he is the one
however, life has been everything but fun
I smile at him, I sincerely do
I gaze at the depth of his eyes and fall in them

Falling for you

I am falling for you

Yes, I spot the signs of love, there is home inside
Tired of hurt, tired of pain
I am scared to be broken again..
Now that I am sure of having found the one
My heart fills full, I cherish the longing in the eyes
I sense his love, the truth in his words..
Yes, you have given me your soul
With a happy and loved heart, I have nothing to gain..
and with this, I jump to find the end of the lane…

falling from cliff
All my life, love I lacked
And now when I found the eyes of love…
I lie in peace and sleep in this bed
i lie in sleep
“I called you my life and you left me alone…
You confessed your love and took the leap alone…

I would have jumped and together we would have died
Yet, a moment late, but I shall join you here…
My life, I will give my life for you”

Standing at the edge of the cliff
I gaze down at the rocks beneath
Yes, Β I take a step ahead
And lie in peace and sleep in this bed…

Not all stories end the way they should…
What do you call the end..
They happily met but didn’t live…
They loved forever but didn’t stay…

Some stories end with the promise..
“till death does us apart”
This story echoes..
United in death and never apart…
Two dead souls now beat with a single heart…

remembering the dwad

Remembering the dead souls united in love


30 comments on “On The Cliff

  1. deanabo says:

    This is heart breaking.


  2. pearl says:

    “I still felt the tingles because you stirred my heart and brought the smile When I thought, that part of me had died”

    beautiful……. !


  3. BeWithUs says:



  4. Your poem is lovely, yet I could not help falling in love with the picture of the boy and girl, too scared to fall, and he whispered: “I have wings” That is the ultimate end to this endearing yet saddening poem . . . eternally they will fly on the wings of love. Until eternity ends . . . Very good, Mayer, I enjoyed this!!!


  5. mischievouseyez says:

    omg!! this was really deep and beautifully written,, sad ending 😦


  6. mischievouseyez says:

    Reblogged this on My thoughts, My life and commented:
    Beautifully written,, πŸ™‚


  7. mkesling63 says:

    This is very moving. This is opening up here with honesty.


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  10. Where did you get the picture of the girl about to fall of the cliff?


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