The Epilogue

“Why are you so quiet??”

“I don’t know.”

“I miss the sound of your smile”

“But, you’ve never heard me speak.”

“That doesn’t matters. I can tell you how it is.”


“Just like mine.”

“But, I’ve never heard you speak, let alone laugh”

“Exactly, that’s my point”

“Sometimes, I don’t get you, Am I dumb or are you over-smart?”

“I am the part of you, you’re scared to admit exists. You’ve not met me, seen me, heard me, but think of it as how we’re connected in another space. I can bet, this isn’t our  first interaction. We’ve shared smiles, tears, laughs and even cries in another lifetime. This life is the epilogue of the story we barely finished last time.”

“so, we are going to have a happy end, this time?”

“I wish darling, but sadly, you, dear seem to have read just one segment of romance; there are stories that are so romantic that you fall in love with them but the epilogues, it can break a heart. The only way to know how our epilogue would be is to know the story we’ve already lived”

“You know everything, You must know that?”

“I think we lived a mysterious love story with a tragic epilogue, but you know what?”

“yes, I know”


“We’ll have a sequel”


“Another lifetime”

“Another lifetime” 

the truth

The Voice Of My Lullaby

In the lingering thoughts

In a desolate mind

In the late nights

Of the conversations with the dark sky

In the hidden tears

Beneath the loud smiles

She wonders

If the stars burn to shine

Can pain take away pain?

Can smiles bring smiles?

We need to be our own lullaby

Because, the stars don’t have their own light

They echo your own shine

Sing yourself to sleep

Until one day,

You will find the voice

That shall bring you peace

And no more, will the empty sky


Because you may learn

About your journey of life

But, remember, you must hold

On to your own shine

Or else, you will fade away


The deafening noise of





Sing your own lullaby

And let the symphony 

Give the melody

That kisses your eyes

And says, “Good Night”


That One Dance

Dancing on her tip toes

She lets happiness out

She waltzes to her own tunes

As the melody she speaks loud

She turns and turns

And then a turn again

She lets her skirt swirl away

She messes the lyrics,

She screams with joy

She plays with her curls

And batsher eyelids

Little does she know

That there is someone behind

The fallen curtains.

A little kid beholds

The beauty of the free soul.

While the world would laugh

At the messed lyrics and

The horrible movements of her toe

In the eyes of a kid,

She truly is the daughter of the Lord

She is dancing to the tunes of her heart

She is smiling to the inner Lord

And as she makes another round

She finds the kid peeping from the lock

There alone he stands and smiles

The smile

That brings one of her own

She has always been ashamed of 

How she looked

She never sang and didn’t even think of dance

But, today finding someone peep through the gates

And seeing the love in a child’s eyes;

She feels happy and alive

She tiptoes to the door

Holds his hand and smiles again

Once again, they sing

Not in harmony;

Each one loudly speaking the beats

They dance and waltz

Both of them, happy in their own skin

No synchronization, no flow

And yet, a happier picture

Was never made.




Wooshing Happiness ||30 Day Letter Series

It is no surprise that I love letters; all types of letters. The fact that I have written more than received is another thing. When I stumbled upon this amazing 30 day letter challenge HERE, I was jumping a bit too high for my own comfort. I might not write all of these, but I am definitely going to try.

The prompt for day 7 is a letter to your ex boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush.

Now, this is going to be one great letter to write. This letter is to be addressed to ex boyfriend/girlfriend/love/crush.

As I had a separate one done for my endless crushes, I put that out of the equation. I don’t believe in the concept of an ex. I believe that if you love someone once, you can never bring yourself to unlove them. If you could, you never did love them with all your heart. But, heyy I have girlfriends. I love girlfriends. I know that is not precisely the point. But whatever.

There will be imaginary parts in this letter and then there will be real and I am not going to tell you which is what. I just like some ,mystery. Deal with it, please :P I love my fanciful imagination and making stories and imagining people and talking to them. Here goes one of those letters I have long awaited.

forever fever

Dear imaginary and real people,

Love is a small word, but it perhaps is the deepest emption of all time. I used to think that love is reserved for the prettiest girls who walk like they own a designer store and their perfect curves and the dangling heels is sure to make more than one man look back and stare.

I have never been one of those and I was happy in my own skin. However, once in a while, God plays the cupid and stirs something inside that tiny heart which otherwise stays dormant and does its work. However, not all stories go as planned. You are living in Calcutta, you dream of London and wham you are attracted to France. You really think that nothing good is going to come out of it at all because these are three separate countries with nothing to do with each other.

However, miracles happen and sometimes miracles are not things but people and situation. Sometimes it feels surreal to even think of how much my life has altered in the last six months or so. (Imagine which part is imagination and which part is reality and nopes, I am not telling)

If I hadn’t met you, I would still be chained to the daily mundane routine I so effortlessly followed. You showed me that there is more to life than deadlines. I never thought I was capable of so much love. I never knew my heart had so much space to keep another person in it. Things changed for me and they did with such fast pace that I was left to ponder if I ever knew myself at all. However, if I am given a chance to relive the last six months and make as many changes as I could, I won’t change one single thing. No, we haven’t had a completely perfect time as there were a lot of times when I thought the doors were shut and I was left alone, on the outside and my heart wailed, hoping to latch on to one ray of togetherness, but you know what, this is what makes the journey complete. I didn’t want the fairytale perfect where everything is so perfect, you’re scared it is not true. I wanted reality, the real love where you get the pain, the insecurities along with the happy times, the odd compliments out of nowhere, the random love you notes, the occasion rift on why I am so hormonal, the silly smiles and the senseless craziness. You gave me all of it; the complete package.

You’ve entertained my silliness, my love for things said thrice, my silly conjectures that perhaps are too dumb to comprehend, my wishes that are mostly whimsical, the random words I too often speak, the endless questions I always ask, the lack of knowledge which I must otherwise have, the endless stories I wish to narrate, my obsession for cats and green eyes and a whole lot more.

I had read somewhere that if you don’t fight once, you can never be sure that it is love. We might not have fought like the cat dog fight because hello, I have such a big heart; but overall the words, “dude, don’t be such a girl” still ring in my ears and I smile more than whine whenever I recall them.

I sometimes wonder if I am truly insane but then you have been putting up with me for so long, so I guess I am not completely abnormal or may be sometimes abnormalities are normal too.

All I really want to tell you is

Regardless of the roads life takes us through,

Regardless of how divergent our paths are,

Regardless of how distinct our stories are.

Regardless of how little we may talk,

Regardless of the number of promises we may not be able to keep,

Regardless of what our future has to show

Regardless of how little our forever may be

Regardless of how secretive my best dream is

Regardless of how insecure my securities are

Regardless of how big my fears mostly are

Regardless of how opposite we are

Regardless of all this and more;

if there is one thing I can truly promise and will keep it is that sometimes we meet people, who leave footprints in forms of friends. Sometimes we meet people who come and go and slowly we forget they were even there.

But, sometimes, we meet people who show us things we didn’t knew, shades of us we were blind to and memories we never knew we could have. You just don’t forget such people because they are not a person, they become your home; A part of your forever heart.

I know I sound bookish and sometimes impractical, but trust me, once in love, I stay so forever. Regardless of what would happen, when I shall retrace the best moments of my life, it will feature a lot of you. Your happiness is mine and one day, may be, just maybe, we shall get to see the smiles, share the times, entwine the hands and look up at the sky to count our blessings and that day, it will rain; it has to. I am sure. If we don’t, it is still alright because sometimes, hearts beat across places because when land fails; sky smiles and makes you mine.

Because this is a love letter, I serve the dessert at the end


Now, guess which part was real, which is imaginary and where I spoke of my girlfriend and how I love mystery.

With smiles and love and happiness and giggles and a woooosshinng heart,


Shruti <3


Love Finds Its Way

This is a very special poem. I had long back promised a friend of mine that I would write a poem for her as she fell in love. The friend in question is extremely beautiful, she radiates vibrancy and reads like the books are her world. This poetry s a dedication to the type of love the two must share. I’ve tried etching her perfectness through the eyes of her love.

May the two of you live your own HAPPY EVERAFTER. Sejal Parikh, this one is exclusively for you :*

A hundred stars in her eyes

Dreaming with eyes open wide

Some loved stories, some adored poetry

But, she was the poem I had learnt

Every word so rhythmically poised

I wondered how God must have felt

To create a creation so dynamic

She looked at the sky

Like she belonged

Not just on earth

Every constellation I had ever known

Showed glimpses of the beautiful face

The expressive eyes that seem drunk

With the beauty of the world

The curved lips that smiled

The smile that told a tale

Of how things change

She was the novel

I had never read

And yet I could never part

One day, maybe we could fill

The song that the birds begin

As early as the morning sun

And our song will last

Not just for the day

We shall make the sky our own

Scatter memories that will glitter

With the shine of the brightest stars

All these dreams, I had kept

Locked in my little heart

Unaware of what would happen

If ever I let them slip out in the dark

What I never knew was

Apart from having the bond called friends

We shared the same dream

She saw in me, what I never thought

I too was her forever dream

She too felt me; in those song

She played too many times on loop

I too was her favorite book

She read once then again and again some more

She too ached to share

Memories, moments and even the life

When finally, we both shared our dreams

We looked at each other and smiled

So much we knew and yet so much we didn’t

Like the stars which we so often see

We think we know them

And yet they are so far, in a world of their own

We smiled and in that moment

Our smiles though separate

Shared the same dreams

Told the same story

Recited the same poetry

Ached for the same feeling

And we knew, this is the start

And for once, there will be no end

She was my favorite novel

And I was her favorite song

Together, we shall rock

The boat of each other’s world

Sometimes, love happens

Not like lighting

Neither like a blue moon

Nor like a wild flower

But, it grows a little every day

Until your garden is filled with

So many precious flowers

That you can’t help but

Fall in love with the goodness

Our story lives and grows

And the song plays like never before

We stare together at the sky

And all the fears melt away

A forever was written for us

And every day is a dream

That we see with eyes open wide

We’re together till the end

I will be by your side

And together we shall sail till the end of times

Your gorgeous face

Your beautiful heart

The starlit soul

And a hundred wishes

I may make

Yet, I thank the lord

For giving me the wish

I never thought I could have

With fingers entwined

We shall walk

And tie this bond

And seal the love

Until the big day finally comes

Let’s dream and walk along

in your eyes

No Longer Yours


I just stumbled upon this ad frankly, the pen is too heavy today to pen a new one :)

Originally posted on A Shade Of Pen:

~~In the shoes of FRIENDHSIP that never worked because there were unfulfilled promises of love patched in it~~

I had let you rule me.. I let you feel like you were the centre of my world.. I always replied.. Quicker than “quick” ever meant.. I made you feel so special that you thought I was the doormat you will always have.

You NEED me to feel important, you WANT me to feel like you’ve grips on your life.. you think, I rely on you, I’m attracted to you, but it’s the other way round.. I’m the drug that keeps you alive.. I’m the HEROIN without which you may die.. I’m the last drop of water for your thirsty lips and today, I am no longer yours.

some why's have no replies

For too long a time, I allowed you to use.. I kept waiting, hoping, wondering, believing, thinking, sighing, wishing, praying that one day you…

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The Stars Are Beautiful

“Why do you love the stars?”

“Because, I can never be one.

They’re never mine,

But, they don’t let me feel that way.

Every time, I feel alone, in the middle of the night

I rub my eyes in my dark room

And catch a glimpse of the night sky

The stars from faraway shine

And emit a gleam 

That somehow speaks

I am your shine

Perhaps, it is not dust

From where we rise

And to where we go

Perhaps, it is the stars

That are inside us

The stars gleam, glitter and shine

And when we finally die,

We sparkle up in the sky

So that, one day,

When someone feels alone

With them, we can share the same shine”

seen unseen